Choose Your Learning Track

Which Learning Track is Right for You?

Each DocuTAP Summit will have three different Learning Tracks. We want you to choose the Learning Track that's right for you. Not sure which one to select? See details below explaining the requirements for each track.

learning tracks

DocuTAP Basics Track

New to DocuTAP or just want to learn more about how it works? Learn the basics and see how it fits into the different settings within your urgent care. You'll not only learn about the system, but also engage in hands-on practice with help from the experts.

Choose this learning track if you:

  • Have been with DocuTAP for less than six months
  • Are attending DocuTAP Summit for the first time
  • Have no experience using DocuTAP, but are wanting to learn more

Some key topics include an introduction to the online Community resource, complete instruction of the registration and check out of a patient, basic triage usage and workflow, and billing basics and exceptions (and exceptions to exceptions, of course).




Certified Super User Track

DocuTAP Super Users are the first point of contact for questions about DocuTAP or best practices. Help improve workflows at your clinic, learn tips and tricks to maximize software use—and build relationships between your clinic and DocuTAP.

Choose this learning track if you:

  • Have been using DocuTAP for at least six months
  • Are the DocuTAP "expert" at your urgent care clinic
  • Have completed the online Super User training

Some key topics include Best Practice Process Maps, digging deeper into provider and admin topics, and billing (and more billing). Completing this track will allow you to become a Certified Super User. 

Note: Additional Certified Super User dates are available under the Sioux Falls User Summit location. This location also includes an exclusive learning lab and live support.




DocuTAP Beyond Track

Already have the basics down? Take your DocuTAP knowledge to the next level by selecting DocuTAP Beyond. 

Choose this learning track if you:

  • Have been using DocuTAP for more than six months
  • Want to improve your front and back office workflows 
  • Want to take your reports in analytics to the next level

Some key topics include Advanced Clinic Administration, next level billing, advanced analytics, and the future of telehealth. 




Still not sure which Learning Track is right for you? 

Contact us. We are happy to help.